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New project in the area of noise control

An area of Lüneburg Town Hall is currently being converted into a public toilet facility. Parts of the basement and ground floor are affected by this remodelling.

The toilet facilities will be housed on the ground floor and the necessary technology in two basement rooms. During preliminary investigations, it was discovered that the ceiling above the basement floor in the area to be renovated was deteriorating. It therefore had to be demolished. The necessary chiselling work led to increased noise nuisance for the adjacent workrooms with public traffic at the Lüneburg tourist information centre. The exterior façades of the toilet facility and the two exterior wall areas of the tourist information centre are located in a shared courtyard.

To effectively reduce this noise nuisance, the exterior façade of the tourist information rooms was clad with Cisilent® Type E for the duration of the chiselling work. These are two walls with windows facing the shared inner courtyard. The use of Cisilent® Type E reduced the construction site noise to such an extent that the tourist information centre staff were able to work again without restrictions.