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Discover what's possible with elastomeric bearings!

The Fragment building in Prague‘s Karlín district, has been realised close to a tram line and an underground line below.

The building comprises basement levels of parking, a first floor of commercial use and about 8 upper floors of residential use. The passing trains exert dynamic forces on the superstructure, the tunnel and the underlying soil. This causes vibrations in the building.

In close cooperation with our Czech partner Jordahl & Pfeifer, vibration isolation measures were implemented for this extraordinary residential project. The elastic bearings of Calenberg was implemented on an area of approx. 1200 m² with a combination of Cibatur® as well as Cipremont® and Citrigon® modules for a load range of 0.4 N/mm² to 7 N/mm². The bearings were installed as single and strip bearings between the first floor and the second floor. The average tuning frequency was 12 Hz.