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How to support structural components

Überseequartier is a sub-district of Hafen City in Hamburg that is currently under construction and designed as the central neighbourhood of the district.

The northern part of the neighbourhood has already been opened. Once completed, Überseequartier will have ≈ 1,000 flats and ≈ 1,150 hotel rooms. In addition, according to the developer, over 6,000 jobs will also be created there. The supporting structure of the imposing construction is exposed to very high loads due to the filigree design. The large pressures must be transferred to the neighbouring component structure in a targeted manner to avoid damage such as cracks and spalling. The use of Calenberg compact bearings S 70 ensures that the load is applied centrally to the neighbouring components while at the same time absorbing rotations. The Perforated™ bearings type Z also used in this construction project were installed specifically in areas with large displacements and extremely high loads. These different bearing types from Calenberg complement each other perfectly and make a lasting contribution to maintaining the value of the building.